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Today on BLI

Orange Is the New Black - Series Trailer [HD]

Woman Breaks In To OITNB Prison And Gets Reprimanded In Most Awesome Way Ever

Most women try to avoid going to prison - this one went and made sure the world knew about it. Too bad the world included the people who owned the prison in question - the one used in the Netflix series, 'Orange Is The New Black.


SEE IT: Melissa McCarthy In Ghostbusters Uniform

Who you gonna call? Melissa McCarthy as a Ghostbuster! Vulture has given us our first look at her, ready to bust some ghosts.

Woman Pulling Hair Out

Proud Plus-Sized Woman Posts Full Body Selfie After Fat Shaming Incident

If you've got it - flaunt it - and that's just what this proud plus-sized woman did after a fat-shaming incident at her local Old Navy.


The First X-Files Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

Mulder and Scully are reporting for duty - and we have the first OFFICIAL look at the series reboot!


Internships and Getting Coffee: The Debate Rages

Is it wrong and disrespectful to ask an intern to get you coffee? If you've been an intern before, was getting coffee was just part of the job - or the MAIN part of the job?

Mockingjay Part 2 – Teaser Trailer

Mockingjay Part 2 Posters Reveal Extra Color

New posters have been revealed showing the stars of the latest Hunger Games installment decorated with mockingjays on their faces!

Charging Phone

Man Tries To Charge Phone On Broadway Stage

One way to get on a Broadway stage is to just walk up on one - but it's not the recommended - or legal - way.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Kourtney Kardashian 'Kancels' Scott Disick Relationship

The Kardashians have confirmed that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are no more. The couple, who have three children together, broke up over the Fourth of July holiday weekend according to E!


New Oreo Thins Are Happening

NEW YORK (AP) — Oreos are getting a skinny new look, and its maker says the new cookie is a "sophisticated" snack for grown-ups that isn't meant to be twisted or dunked.

Matt Damon Debuts Shocking Man-Ponytail at 'Great Wall' Press Conference

Matt Damon's Ponytail Is Freaking The Internet Out

He has grown his hair out - and the internet isn't exactly sure how to feel about it. Matt Damon, 44, debuted his new look - including a ponytail - at a press conference for “The Great Wall” in Beijing, China, on Thursday.

Red Neck Launcher

The Redneck Rocket Launcher

Check out how they do the "Redneck Rocket Launch" and as always please don't try this at home! <iframe width="400" height="300" src="https://www.