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Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Stephen T. Greenberg Has Your

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Today on BLI

James Franco and Seth Rogan

Sony Cancels "The Interview" Release!!

I can't remember ANY time a move studio decided to cancel the release of a major motion picture. Well, now I've seen it all!

Gift Wrapping

Jimmy Kimmel: The Gift Wrap Struggle Is Real

Wrapping gifts is not easy. Jimmy Kimmel knows the struggle is real. Thank goodness he found an award-winning gift wrap guru to teach us the right techniques!

Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar Speaks Out To 19 Kids & Counting Haters

An online petition raised THOUSANDS of signatures, begging TLC to cancel the show 19 KIDS AND COUNTING.

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"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Reunite!

Everybody's favorite bromance was back again last night on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" as Justin Timberlake paid his best friend Jimmy a vist.


Did Beyonce STEAL Drunk In Love?

Did Beyonce not really write the smash hit DRUNK IN LOVE? Hungarian performer Monika Miczura, or Mitsou, is suing Beyonce, Jay-Z, and producer Timbaland over it!

Alex Trebek

Did Alex Trebek Threaten To Quit Jeopardy?

The SONY leak has a new victim: Jeopardy's Alex Trebek. Mr. Trebek apparently threatened to quit the long-time show over the producers of the show requesting he re-tape a Jeopardy Kids segment, where one young contestant was eliminated from the Final Jeopardy round for being in the red, because the child's mother thought he handled the situation in an insensitive way.

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AMC Theaters

A Movie Theater Subscription Service Could Soon Be Available

If Netflix is so popular in your home, why not take the experience to a whole new level? AMC Theaters has agreed to a pilot partnership with MoviePass, which will let people attend a movie a day for one monthly fee.

bill nye

Theory Of Evolution In Emojis

I got $20 that says you would probably never watch a YouTube video that explains the Theory of Evolution from a high profile scientist's perspective.

Shocked Child

"Cards Against Humanity" Sold What?!?!

Well, this might legitimately be the best & worst thing ever....AT THE SAME TIME! The famous "Cards Against Humanity" card game likes to play pranks on those who play the game.

Couple On A Date

Rate My Date: The Black Friday Date

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, our listener Ali reconnected with an old friend. They went out on Black Friday - but she hasn't heard from him since!