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Today on BLI

Rate My Date

Rate My Date: The Mall Date

Steph works in the mall, on her break she went to an underwear store where she met this hot guy Chris who was working there!

When in Paris: Kim Kardashian goes platinum for Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian’s DISGUSTING Habit

Kim Kardashian is dishing on her surprising beauty secrets! How long does she wait to wash her hair - and is what she does gross or smart?

20 Bucks

Found Money: What Would You Do?

If you found money and you KNEW who it PROBABLY belonged to, what would you do? Be a dishonest person and keep it OR investigate to see if you could find the rightful owner and give it to them?

Baby Cook

Born With It!

This video gives more thought to the notion that we are born with natural abilities. I wonder in this case if it might have something to do with making chocolate chip cookies!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Response To Fat-Shamers Is Perfect

When British personality Katie Hopkins decided to aim her tweets in the direction of Kelly Clarkson, Kelly decided to fire back.


Actor Harrison Ford Injured In Small Plane Crash

TMZ is reporting that actor Harrison Ford survived a small plane crash in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

Comedy Central

WATCH: Happy Gilmore & Bob Barker Reunite!

YES! It's happened!! Bob Barker & Happy Gilmore have reunited for the first time since they met on the golf course & gave one of the funniest, most memorable on screen brawls film has ever seen.

When in Paris: Kim Kardashian goes platinum for Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde

Kim Kardashian made a shocking new fashion statement at Paris Fashion Week. Everyone seems to have an opinion on social media about Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde hair.

LaGuardia Airport skid

Plane skids off the runway at LaGuardia Airport

A plane skidded off the icy runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York Thursday morning. As always, Twitter was the first to react.