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Does your little one love to dress like a Disney character?

Send us a picture of your little one dressed as their favorite Disney character and we’ll pick one lucky winner to get VIP seats to opening night of the Disney On Ice Presents “Treasure Trove” January 10th plus a meet and greet with one of the characters!

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove invites you to enter a world of Disney’s greatest treasures in one magical place! Playing Nassau Coliseum from JAN. 10th - 13th. Get your tickets today at or Ticketmaster and Nassau Coliseum Box Office!

Discover endless riches when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove comes to your hometown! Get tangled up in Disney’s 50th animated feature with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favorite Disney princesses –Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and of course, the one who started it all, Snow White.

Ahoy, Mateys! Set sail with Peter Pan, the always sassy Tinker Bell and the cantankerous Captain Hook and his pirate pals on an adventure beyond Never Land! Trek the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life.’ Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! Don’t be late to a very important date with Alice and the Mad Hatter as they march with the Queen of Hearts’ Army Of Cards.

Be sure to see this show full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Mon, Dec 17 2012 12:00 AM - Fri, Jan 04 2013 11:59 PM
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Eminem's Lose Yourself - Sign Language Style

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Lori Loughlin

Aunt Becky Makes Full House Even Fuller

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The Weird Thing The TSA Took From Me

What's the weirdet thing the TSA airport security took away from you? Wait until you hear what Jayson tried to WEAR and CARRY ON the airplane - and what the TSA thought he had!

Kylie Jenner Gets Grilled About Her Lips This Sunday | Keeping Up With The Kardashians | E!

Kylie Jenner Believes In Weird Conspiracy Theories

Kylie Jenner may not know how to spell them, but she believes in conspiracy theories, apparently. She tweeted a poorly spelled meme about chemtrails, a theory that claims the trails of condensation left by high-flying aircrafts are actually made of chemicals that can do everything from poison crops to control the weather.